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Please forward this error screen to 209. A couple of warriors don t cry full book pdf ago this blog got into a fight about false rape statistics.

He wrote a popular article saying that false rape accusations were rarer than comet strikes, which the feminist movement dutifully liked and reblogged thirty thousand times. I may have been slightly cross about this. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Clymer was in the news again. The best description of the whole incident seems to be the one here. As far as I can tell, Clymer said on Twitter that Jesus would have been pro-feminist and that religion needs to try harder to be pro-choice and pro-feminist.

This was sufficient to paint a big target on his head. We then proceeded to the ritual of Dredge Up Everything He Has Ever Written And Interpret It As Further Evidence He Is Terrible. It’s clear why CC was able to fly under the radar so long: He’s a pro abuser. He is a me, me, me merchant.

Then it was found that he mentioned that because he was a survivor of rape, he tried to be extra careful because he knew rape survivors were more likely to become rapists themselves. 12: TRIGGER WARNING: Talks about sexual assault. But failure to call evil by its name only begets more evil. Another prominent member of the group, and a semi-well known name in the huffpo blogosphere, charles clymer, decided to pipe in to remind me that both white supremacist and anti-racist viewpoints should be valued equally.

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