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Comedy Central and war dances sherman alexie pdf related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of comedy partners. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends.

Easily download and save what you find. 17, Wordcraft of Oregon is no longer accepting any international orders. Due to the exorbitant overseas postal rates, all shipping costs reflected on this site are for U. Any international orders will be refused. Cover design by Kristin Summers, www. The writing in these startling stories by Nate Liederbach is vivid and innovative and perfect for the wild and unexpected events.

The scope ranges from the apocalyptically large to the intimately small, and all of it is interesting and moving. Chances are taken, and they pay off. Nate Liederbach deftly combines slipstream literaray fiction and visionary dialogue to pioneer a futuristic territory saturated with intoxicating language. Eloquent, yet tight, Blessings Galore is a heady mixture of stunning story and thoughtful philosophy. Blessings Galore bears the hallmarks of an experimental classic–it is at once lurid, zestfully grotesque, and utterly wondroous. Nate Liederbach punches not up or down in this wild collection, but straight at the reader’s chest, where all the blood and muscle converges–in other words, these stories are not even remotely for the faint of heart.

Among other honors, his writing has received the Academy of American Poets’ Larry Levis Prize , the Atlantic Monthly College Nonfiction Prize, a Best New Poets inclusion, and the Utah Original Writing Competition’s Short Fictin Award. First Trade Paperback, 6 X 9, 104 pgs. Cover Design by Kristin Summers, www. I know of no other poet who has addressed climate change as powerfully and persistently as James Grabill. In Sea-Level Nerve: Book One, the urgency of our greatest challenge is perhaps more audible. In Book Two,   Grabill shatters every conceivable divide we have become so comfortable with.

Terra Brigando’s first novel, Rooms for Ghosts, chronicles the disintegration of a wealthy family while vacationing on an island one summer. The narrator, a young teenager, splits her time between caring for a drug-addicted mother and navigating her own desire for understanding. With no one to look after her, she finds herself enmeshed in her mother’s lavish parties and becomes the object of affection of an older man. Author Terra Brigando plunges us into an experience where loneliness can result in going to the edge and wondering if there is a way back. The innocence of adolescence is demolished and the world turns in a very short time. Rooms for Ghosts is a riveting story about a fourteen-year-old girl undergoing unexpected rites of passage during a summer vacation that introduces her to drugs, alcohol, sex, and the inchoate longing that every teenager feels when she is not quite grownup, but no longer a child either. Brigando sets a blistering pace that never lets up.

Terra Brigando lives in Oakland, California. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in English and Creative Writing at Mills College in 2012. First Trade Paperback, 5 X 8, 154 pgs. Julia is 4-years-old and her Mama has stolen her away to the mountains of northern New Mexico where everything is unfamiliar and everyone is unknown. Lonely and often forced to take care of herself during Mama’s many “quiet times,” Julia befriends a tree. Loss, family-forged shackles and bonds, and the power of storytelling, are at the splintered heart  of this engaging debut novella. Hungry Hole excavates the innocence and despair of the liminal child.

Hungry Hole is a magical curse that we dare not stop reading. Originally from New York, she earned her BA in Literature and Creative Writing from Bard Collage and her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. These stories show how fantastical tropes can be perfect touchstones for exploring universal human experiences. First Trade Paperback, 5 X 8, 144 pgs. AT NIGHT IN CRUMBLING VOICES, the third and final installment in award winning novelist Peter Grandbois’ series of monster double features, marks a departure from the previous books in that these stories are not told through the point of view of a movie monster icon. Inspired by lesser know 50’s monster fare, the monsters in these novellas become more difficult to discern and therfore, even more disturbing.