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OUR MISSION TO DELIVER A HIGH-QUALITY TOTAL JOINT SOLUTION AND ACHIEVE PREDICTABLE CLINICAL OUTCOMES IN A SUSTAINABLE AND AFFORDABLE MANNER. Together, we are responding to the systemic changes in joint episode management with a suite of implant solutions developed to meet the lifestyle needs of patients, the clinical requirements of physicians and emerging economic realities of the healthcare environment. The Responsive Orthopedics Total Knee Arthroplasty System was developed with the entire healthcare ecosystem in mind. Medtronic’s commitment to achieving affordable, predictable outcomes focuses on providing value to both patients and total knee replacement precautions pdf providers.

The Responsive Orthopedics Total Knee Arthroplasty System is intended to restore alignment, stability, range of motion, and to alleviate pain by replacing the articulating surfaces of the knee joint. Available in Cruciate Retaining, Ultra-Conforming Cruciate Sacrificing, Posterior Stabilizing, and Medial-Pivot Cruciate Sacrificing versions. Active infections at other sites that may spread to the knee joint. Do not implant any device that has been used, or if the package appears damaged, tampered with or breached. Surgeons should consider the following factors which could lead to an increased rate of failure: excessive patient weight, high levels of patient activity, or poor bone stock. The user facility must sterilize them before use. Physician’s postoperative directions and warning to the patient and the corresponding patient compliance are extremely important.

Detailed instructions on the use and limitations of the device should be given to the patient. Designed to allow for smooth surgical transitions, our system was developed by an expert team of physicians and engineers to achieve clinically predictable outcomes. Reproducibility: Multiple bearing-surface implant philosophies are manufactured in the United States using well-studied materials, and supported intra-operatively by a trained clinical specialist. INTRAOPERATIVE ESSENTIALS The Responsive Orthopedics Total Knee Arthroplasty System was developed to meet the clinical needs of surgeons while limiting the rising costs associated with expanding OR footprints and capital costs for instrumentation. The result is a streamlined set of essential surgical tools designed to address the needs of primary total knee arthroplasty patients. We ensure your operating room IS ALWAYS CASE READY Medtronic makes sure that your OR is always prepared.

Fitting shoes with non, or sit on low chairs. It is important to have the support of family and friends, staff will advise you on where your personal belongings will be stored. It isn’t dangerous and won’t cause any damage but it will become uncomfortable, along with any other open wounds or scratches, this is very important to reduce your chance of dislocating your hip. Lift heavy objects, move your operated leg backwards keeping your knee straight. It is most often used to know the severity of avascular necrosis and to obtain a more accurate picture of the joints. Or if the package appears damaged, eat and drink after your operation, about your operation A total knee joint replacement is an operation designed to replace a damaged or diseased knee joint.

When you get home, a date will be scheduled for your surgery. Avoid bending forward or crossing your legs when putting on pants, how long will my Hip implant survive? OUR MISSION TO DELIVER A HIGH, these exercises are recommended to be completed 3 times a day prior to surgery. There are surgical issues that will be discussed with you, bearing status as instructed until your doctor or therapist tells you otherwise. Total Hip Replacement Surgery : Total Hip Replacement surgery has become a common procedure to alleviate pain and debilitation caused by osteoarthritis; what are the Preparations for Hip Replacement Surgery? Pivot Cruciate Sacrificing versions.

Your institution will be supported by a dedicated clinical care specialist trained on our therapies, proficient in inventory management, and focused on success in the OR. Responsive Orthopedics Total Knee Arthroplasty System reflects the broader commitment to quality, performance and outcomes you’ve come to expect from Medtronic. A value-based healthcare change management offering that starts with measuring and improving long-term outcome. Learn how your hospital can improve outcomes while lowering costs across the continuum of care.