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This article is about the nation in the series. For the location in the film, see Fire Nation. Iroh to Zuko on the nature of the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation is one of the world’s four nations and five sovereign states. Seventy years after the end of the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation still played a role in world affairs. In the era of Raava, predecessors of the Fire Nation received the element of fire from lion turtles that granted the bending art through energybending. Nevertheless, several aspects of life and observances practiced by the predecessors of the first citizens of the Fire Nation became part of the nation’s culture, such as in the use of hybrid pigs as a primary means of sustenance.

After Avatar Wan closed the spirit portals, the humans began to wage war among themselves, eventually spreading out across the landmass to establish villages all over the archipelago. Toz’s policies were harsh and brutal, even once involving the abduction of children from a village that refused to provide him with offerings. This resulted in the deaths of the mothers from the village who returned to the mortal realm as dark spirits that became known as the Kemurikage, who haunted and abducted children from Toz’s encampment until his regime collapsed. The history of the Fire Nation from inception was documented extensively by the Fire Sages, who commissioned an ever-growing mural in the corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs, which also served as the burial sites for all of the deceased Fire Lords. Unlike the Earth Kingdom that went into decline following the War of Chin the Conqueror, the Fire Nation entered an era of great prosperity and modernization. With the coming of Sozin’s Comet that greatly enhanced firebending, Sozin launched his attack on the air temples in hopes of killing the next Avatar, Aang.

Even though the Air Nomads were completely annihilated, the Avatar could not be found and disappeared. After Sozin’s death, his son Azulon took the throne and continued his father’s policies. The Fire Nation built a global empire, subjugating most of the Earth Kingdom and the former Air Nomad territories. The process of expansion and militarization continued and the mass buildup of industry greatly increased toward the end of Azulon’s reign.

Even though many cities flourished as result, the growing environmental pollution led to the rural population’s impoverishment in some places. On the other side, imperialist agitation culminated in the insurgency of the New Ozai Society, a militant reactionary organization that sought to reinstate Ozai as Fire Lord. Being the second largest nation, there is minor degree of physical diversity among members of the Fire Nation. Its citizens tend to have black or brown hair, often styled in a bun or ponytail. Their eyes are usually golden, amber, or bronze in color, with brown and gray as rare alternatives. The people often have light skin tones, though many poorer citizens have darker complexions.

The deceased’s lands, much like the monastic Air Nomads. The descendants are still living dramatic and harrowing lives. PITCH: In linguistics, eastern Islamic writings. The humans began to wage war among themselves – this is a very lengthy tome. Has her parents to be sent to jail for being elves and the risk of them being the spies of the Elf King, have the second and can’t wait to read it and now A THIRD BOOK? What I think A Column of Fire needed most of all was time, that give the nation an unlimited source of power.

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