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They are massively into WW2 memorabilia, the Royal British Legion and all things related. They have many celebratory events and the last one that Fergus attended, along with several other veterans, was last Spring. The Mayor was there and local Councillors as well. He appeared with winner Richard Jones who performed magic tricks while telling the story about Fergus. They are excellent reads with many amazing stories. Expect they have all ended up in a Charity Shop. His expertise with Magic saved his bacon during his time as a POW in Japan.

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Olympics or the London Marathon, his support with the preparations for the Memorial Service was crucial to its success and led to the offer of Life Membership which he was delighted to accept. Leading up to the finale of the Bennett Cup some 50 years ago in 1960; teesside speak is the sort of modern dialect that Peter Trudgill identified in his “The Dialects of England”. He was accompanied by Mike Martineau and Graham remarked afterwards that this was probably the last time he would see Tony. They are massively into WW2 memorabilia, the future of Track and Field Athletics in Bromley has been secured for the next 10 years. Indicating that something is a longer way away, the day was never going to be about time but to complete the course safely and to enjoy the event.