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Please forward this error screen to 173. Please enable javascript in your browser settings to use all features of our website. Scheduled Website Maintenance Due the al williams way pdf scheduled maintenance, several areas of the RTD website may be intermittently unavailabe from 2:00am – 6:00am. If you have a question, comment, or complaint about your experience using RTD we ask that you contact Customer Care so we can best assist you.

If your concern cannot be addressed by Customer Care, please know that incidents reviewed by our Board of Directors may take up to 14 days to process. RTD Board Office RTD is governed by a 15-member, publicly elected Board of Directors. Directors are elected to a four-year term and represent a specific district. Elections are staggered so that eight seats are open in one general election, seven in the next. You can use the addresses and telephone numbers listed below to contact your Director.

However, you will note some Directors have their own private e-mail addresses. If you’re unsure which Director represents you, the Board of Directors District Map offers a guide, or you may use the Director Lookup. Director Williams has a long background in both non-profits and in transit, having previously served as the Executive Director of the largest non-profit provider of transit services in Douglas County. Director Williams’ focus has been address the needs of those who are transit dependent and to assure that transit is available to all. First Aid to medical staff and area schools. As a self-avowed transit nerd, Director Williams quickly became involved in transit issues once she relocated to the Denver area. She manages the area’s Regional Coordinating Council for Human Service Transportation, and serves on a variety of transit related Task Forces and committees.

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