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Please forward this error screen to 193. Download this chapter in PDF format Chapter25. How to order your own hardcover copy Step by step ct scan book pdf’t you rather have a bound book instead of 640 loose pages?

Your laser printer will thank you! This means that structures can overlap in the final image, even though they are completely separate in the object. This is particularly troublesome in medical diagnosis where there are many anatomic structures that can interfere with what the physician is trying to see. The word tomography means “a picture of a plane. In spite of being well developed for more than 50 years, classical tomography is rarely used. This is because it has a significant limitation: the interfering objects are not removed from the image, only blurred.

The resulting image quality is usually too poor to be of practical use. The long sought solution was a system that could create an image representing a 2D slice through a 3D object with no interference from other structures in the 3D object. CT revolutionized the medical x-ray field with its unprecedented ability to visualize the anatomic structure of the body. Figure 25-13 shows a typical medical CT image. Computed tomography was originally introduced to the marketplace under the names Computed Axial Tomography and CAT scanner. These terms are now frowned upon in the medical field, although you hear them used frequently by the general public.

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Figure 25-14 illustrates a simple geometry for acquiring a CT slice through the center of the head. A narrow pencil beam of x-rays is passed from the x-ray source to the x-ray detector. Materials such as bone and teeth block more of the x-rays, resulting in a lower signal compared to soft tissue and fat. While this figure shows only a single view being acquired, a complete CT scan requires 300 to 1000 views taken at rotational increments of about 0. This is accomplished by mounting the x-ray source and detector on a rotating gantry that surrounds the patient. A key feature of CT data acquisition is that x-rays pass only through the slice of the body being examined.