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There are several Flying Star calculations and variations which can be used to assess the auspicious and inauspicious influences on a building during various periods and cycles of time. Flying Star and Ba Chop Flying Star calculations. The principles are similar for each of them, but the detailed method of calculation differs, so that each adds its own unique information to the total picture. By using principles of feng shui pdf numbers 1 to 9, and equating them with the Five Elements, the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of a place can be assessed according to the portents of the Period.

The next stage is to determine the Water Star and the Mountain Star. Lets say the building faces South, which gives 3 as the Mountain Star, and 2 as the Water Star as follows. The final stage is to analyse what it all means and what actions to take. We can create the two following charts for the Year and Month and look at how they interact with the chart above. So the whole flying star analysis can go quite deep. The results of a flying star analysis though are worth the effort as the influences identified by these charts are quite powerful.

A selection of the better ones are shown below. To assess the Feng Shui of a building, the birth date of the building has to be noted, the orientation studied and the base plate created. Flying Star analyses are powerful and complicated. Flying Star analysis or implement changes based upon it.

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