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The goal of asepsis is to eliminate infection, not to achieve prevent pdf from being edited. The modern concept of asepsis evolved in the 19th century. Ignaz Semmelweis showed that washing hands prior to delivery reduced puerperal fever.

Asepsis refers to a procedure that is performed under sterile conditions. This can incorporate techniques such as flame sterilization and methods to protect wounds and other susceptible sites from organisms that could cause infection. In an operating room, while all members of the surgical team should demonstrate good aseptic technique, it is the role of the scrub nurse or surgical technologist to set up and maintain the sterile field. This page was last edited on 16 March 2018, at 10:05. A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that is dug and surrounds a castle, fortification, building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defence. North view of the fortress of Buhen in Ancient Egypt. Some of the earliest evidence of moats has been uncovered around ancient Egyptian castles.

One example is at Buhen, a castle excavated in Nubia. Other evidence of ancient moats is found in the ruins of Babylon, and in reliefs from ancient Egypt, Assyria, and other cultures in the region. Evidence of early moats around settlements has been discovered in many archaeological sites throughout Southeast Asia, including Noen U-Loke, Ban Non Khrua Chut, Ban Makham Thae and Ban Non Wat. The use of the moats could have been either for defensive or agriculture purposes. Moats were excavated around castles and other fortifications as part of the defensive system as an obstacle immediately outside the walls.

In suitable locations they might be filled with water. With the introduction of siege artillery, a new style of fortification emerged in the 16th century using low walls and projecting strong points called bastions, which was known as the trace italienne. The walls were further protected from infantry attack by wet or dry moats, sometimes in elaborate systems. The Walls of Benin were a combination of ramparts and moats, called Iya, used as a defense of the capital Benin City in present-day Edo State of Nigeria.

It was considered the largest man-made structure lengthwise, second only to the Great Wall of China and the largest earthwork in the world. The Benin Walls were ravaged by the British in 1897. Scattered pieces of the walls remain in Edo, with material being used by the locals for building purposes. The walls continue to be torn down for real estate developments. The Walls of Benin City were the world’s largest man-made structure.

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They extend for some 16,000 kilometres in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They cover 6,500 square kilometres and were all dug by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. They took an estimated 150 million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet. Japanese castles often have very elaborate moats, sometimes with many moats laid out in concentric circles around the castle and a host of different patterns engineered around the landscape.

Japanese castles will have up to three of these concentric moats. The outer moat of Japanese castles typically protects other support buildings in addition to the castle. As many Japanese castles have historically been a very central part of their respective city, the moats have provided a vital waterway to the city. Even in modern times, the moat system of the Tokyo Imperial Palace comprises a very active body of water, hosting everything from rental boats and fishing ponds to restaurants. Even today, it is common for mountain Japanese castles to have dry moats. The only moat fort ever built in Australia was Fort Lytton in Brisbane. As Brisbane was much more vulnerable to attack than either Sydney or Melbourne, a series of coastal defenses were built throughout Moreton Bay, with Fort Lytton the largest of these defenses.

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