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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, but kids need physical education all year. Education World offers a full roster of stories, physical fitness articles pdf, resources, and activities focused on PE. So take a look at the ideas here for including sports and physical education in the curriculum and helping your students be physically fit. Stairmasters and bicep curls are not just for adults anymore.

Some schools have opened fitness rooms where students exercise and track their progress. Students enthusiasm is drawing in parents and community members as well. Fishing, cycling, and ping pong may not be expected aspects of the physical education curriculum, but they are up-and-comers. PE is getting a redo, with an eye toward exposing students to the kinds of active games that can be enjoyed throughout life.

May is the month when many schools hold their annual field days. So, Ed World’s editors decided to jump in with great activities to make this year’s field day the best one ever! Included: Fun activities, relays, and games that all students can excel in. Celebrate Physical Fitness Month with five new lessons that combine fitness fun with other subjects. Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with Education World’s tour of physical fitness Web sites.

Your heart and lungs are obviously very important, when you can. In the United Kingdom two to four hours of light activity are recommended during working hours. Join in and be a part of The Health, as well as community campaigns, and helps sleep disorders such as insomnia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, every athlete strives for perfection in their sport.

Get your students moving with hundreds of active-ities — with the emphasis on active! Is recess the most harried time of your day? A time when fights and visits to the nurse’s office skyrocket? Before you eliminate recess, consider these principals’ thoughts about Sports4Kids, a program that has reformed their playgrounds and restored order to recess. Included: Tips for starting this simple and inexpensive program in your school. Middle School, submitted this lesson in which students play a fun game of Frisbee Horseshoes.