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The Home of the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. Torrentz will always love you. How do I purchase books from the walker website? What if I notice an paper engineering and pop ups for dummies pdf on the site?

How can I arrange an author or illustrator event? How can I contact an author or illustrator? How can I get information on authors or illustrators for a homework project? Can I buy a piece of original artwork from one of your illustrators? Can I hire the Maisy or Wally character costume? How can I get information on how to make pop-ups?

Can I get a copy of your catalogue? How can I contact Walker? How can I receive your newsletter? How do I comment on your blog?

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How can I be sent a poster? Can you provide financial assistance to our charity? Where can I view current vacancies at Walker? How can I contact the Permissions Department? How do I submit a manuscript? How can I illustrate books for you?

Can I download teaching resources? Can you recommend other sites to encourage children to learn? We no longer sell books directly from the Walker Books website, as of March 2016. On each book page, we’ve provided a number of online retailers who you can order the book from. Click on these retailers to visit them, and make your purchase there. What if I notice an errror on the site? It might be that you need to clear your cache.