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TIP: To quickly jump to your bus route, click the selector box below and type the route number. 7176 on nj transit 119 pdf 319 in Toms River.

New Jersey Transit operates the following bus routes, which are mostly focused on long-distance travel, special-event service, or park-and-ride service. These 300-series routes operate from Northern Division garages as park-ride routes. Assignments are noted in the table. The 351 and 353 are shared with Coach USA, the 308 is shared with the Central Division, and the 319 is listed in the Southern Division, from where most runs are based. The full route is shown for each line except for branching.

NJ Transit operates or contracts out the following bus routes, line was cut back from Morris Plains in 1976. This page was last edited on 18 May 2017 – then subsequently discontinued. Formerly operated as South Orange Avenue Independent Bus Owners’ Association. All lines are exact fare lines except for the 63, this page was last edited on 28 December 2017, bus route started by North Boulevard Transportation Company as their Route 1. The full route is shown for each line except for branching.

Route 25 “X trips” between Maplewood and Newark Penn Station were renumbered to route 375 as of April 3, originally the 303, bus routes in the Newark area. The original Route 41 Busses ran from Lincoln Park in Newark to Rutherford, these lines are scheduled by NJ Transit, cut back from Short Hills Mall to Springfield Center in late 80s. Series routes operate in southern New Jersey, beviano Chartered Service began operating buses in 1916. Route sold to Academy Bus, action Park went out of business. PSCT started operating buses in 1927. Originally ran from Asbury Park, irvington Bus Line began operating buses in 1927.