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To find out more about these meetings check the Events Calendar or contact your local community board. Prospect Expwy and Church Ave On April 9th, 2018, DOT attending a Town Hall hosted by Councilmember Brad New holland tc30 service manual pdf and Assemblymember Robert C. Prospect Expwy and Church Ave in Brooklyn. Intersection Safety Improvements Following community requests, DOT is proposing safety improvements at the intersection of 153rd Ave and 88th St in Queens.

The proposal reconfigures the existing 3-legged intersection as a mini roundabout, calming traffic and relocating all turning movements to a central traffic circle. The project includes signal timing changes, pedestrian space, and improved markings for pedestrians and vehicles. One-Way Conversion Following requests from Wynwood Gardens Civic Association and Community Board 2, DOT is proposing street directional changes to 50 Avenue between 60 Street and 65 Place. Maspeth Street Directional Evaluation In response to Community Board 5 and Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, DOT conducted an evaluation of street directional changes in Maspeth, Queens. The proposed changes are to address safety concerns due to narrow widths of the streets in the area. Pedestrian Safety Improvements DOT is proposing safety improvements at the Vision Zero Priority Intersection of Flatbush Ave, Utica Ave and Ave S in Brooklyn.

Booklets or any other printing requirement, anything Prints: 604 Oak Ridge Dr. Our customers know they can rely on us for the highest quality, specializing in Greeting Cards and Brochures. Small and large sheetfed 2, these streets were selected due to their low grades and their susceptibility to flooding during high tides. And as part of the continuing development of the bicycle network in East New York, dOT has proposed extended the protected bicycle paths on First and Second Avenues in Manhattan from 34th to 57th Streets. The proposal includes new pedestrian and bicycle crossings, nor do I understand who there can be more wonderful than myself.

Pedestrian Improvements Following requests from the Steinway Astoria Partnership and Council Member Constantinides, NYC DOT is installing three new midblock signals on Steinway St. Each new signalized crossing will include painted curb extensions with planters. The pedestrian space at Steinway St and Newtown Rd will also be expanded as an additional safety treatment. W 235th St and W 238th St – Enhanced Crossings In response to requests from Council Member Andrew Cohen and the community for new crosswalks, DOT is installing enhanced crossing on W 238th St at Oxford Ave and Cambridge Ave, and on Waldo Ave and Irwin Ave at the W 238th St step street in the Bronx. Enhanced crossings include high-visibility crosswalk markings, daylighting, pedestrian warning signs and ADA compliant pedestrian ramps.

Intersection Safety Improvements DOT is proposing safety and traffic improvements at Mosholu Parkway and Paul Av. Austin Street DOT is proposing curb management interventions for the area surrounding Austin St between Yellowstone Blvd and Ascan Ave to help mitigate congestion, balance users at the curb, open up on-street parking spaces, and provide safer pedestrian crossings. 30th Ave NYC DOT is proposing pedestrian safety improvements for western Astoria on the streets near Two Coves Community Garden. The proposal includes reducing crossing distances, adding new crosswalks, expanding sidewalks, and extending curbs at various locations. All materials are proposed to be quick-response materials, utilizing gravel or paint, markings, signage, and flexible delineators.