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Sir, Consider the impact the past restrictions on vehicle length have had on loading unit dimensions and the knock on effect the wide range of ILUs and swapbodies have had on handling complexity and transfer overheads. Many of us would like see freight moved to the railways where appropriate. It would be economic to transport and readily transferable between modes – no modal bias and could be moved one at a time on small rigids or in multiples on LHVs across both developing and developed countries – no economic bias. Is there modern vehicle technology book pdf case for larger vehicles on UK roads?

Silvertip Design wins top European competition. Bigger trucks – good news or bad? Economics of branch lines of the railways could be quickly transformed for the better with a dualmode vehicle being developed by an engineering design company near Darlington Stephenson rail pioneering country. The innovative vehicle will run on road as well as rail. It is as applicable to freight as to passenger transport. Branch-line infrastructure costs could be at least halved because signalling and points could be largely, if not totally, made redundant.

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Leading the project is Carl Henderson, who runs engineering consultancy Silvertip Design in the village of Skeeby, Richmond, North Yorkshire. His dualmode project is being backed by freight trailer and body builder Don Bur, Stoke-on-Trent, and the government’s Department of Trade and Industry. Although its load carrying portion can be either a lorry or a bus the dualmode vehicle resembles a familiar articulated truck up to 16. This has been done before but has been heavy, complicated and expensive because of attempts to drive the rail wheels. The Silvertip dual mode does not do this.