Luminous zelio 1100va manual pdf

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Its width is 24 mm and its dimensions are as such that the product can be mounted on wall or at floor efficiently. The technical features of Luminous Zelio 1100VA Inverter include In-Build Intelligent Battery Management Algorithms which are compatible with various types of batteries. This makes the inverter versatile equipment suitable for all kinds of uses. The recharging time for these batteries is 10-12 hours.

The output voltage is 230 V and the frequency produced is 12 V. This machine has the ability to handle some high power appliances, which cannot be handled by simple inverters. It is compatible with household appliances like refrigerators. It does not produce much noise and is eco-friendly. Noise levels are rather low and there is not much sound produced by this equipment. There are some other convenient features in this equipment which makes it really simple and expedient for people’s use. Its other features include UPS overload and UPS light indicators for signalling the overloading of the equipment or full charging of its battery.