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Please forward this error screen to 209. Our group practices both Yang and Sun style Tai Chi. The Yang Tai Chi is from the Cheng Man-ching school, which emphasizes old style small circle Yang style, which is more focused just 2 seconds gavin de becker pdf health and self-defense.

We have no formal registration process and we never charge any fees. A warm family atmosphere is always maintained and many deep friendships have developed through the years. Altogether, our members have over 100 years of experience. Presently our group meets every Saturday morning, at 10:00 AM, at 3760 Florida Street in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. Yoga, which strengthens, adds flexibility, enhances the nervous system and reduces stress. A very long time ago Chinese scholars and priests were studying every aspect of the mind and body. While so doing they discovered many things.

One very useful discovery was that by focusing the mind and breath together with a deeply relaxed state, one could do movements with great power. They harnessed this energy to create very powerful self-defense and healing arts. It was then they discovered that the practice of these arts also produced superb health. In fact, doing the movements slowly and without martial intent produced even more effective results. A toned body that is strong as an ox, as supple as a tiger, and as quick as a striking snake requires a type of strength that is much more complex than just power lifting. To acquire this type of strength requires gaining skills of strength, agility, grace, relaxation, readiness, effective breathing and confident movement.

Qigong is still not a well known term in the USA, but most people think they know what Tai Chi is. But, Tai Chi is really just a form of qigong called martial Qigong. All of these arts depend upon what is called “inner alchemy”, the development and application of internal energy called Chi. Most of us recognize Tai Chi Qigong when we see it slowly performed. And, it is quite true that one will gain the most health benefits and learn better by practicing in slow motion. But, Tai Chi may be performed at any speed-including very fast. In Tai Chi there is no final result.

Absolutely essential to these arts is the Taoist concept of “Wu Wei”. Qigong and a good warm-up for the 37 postures form. A basic guide to performing Zhan Zhuang, standing meditation. These are the four forms we presently practice.

Our advanced group is also training on the Cheng Man-ching 37 postures form. This really should be called the neurological form. It cleanses and energizes the acupuncture meridians most affected by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a host of other neural affliction. Like the Arthritis form, this form is designed to work and give special attention to the meridians, joints and immune system for Osteoporosis suffers. Like the two previous forms, this form was developed to aid Diabetes sufferers. This Qigong, revived and enhanced by Dr. Lam, is an excellent overall form for meditation, Chi cultivation and discarding stagnant or trapped Chi.

Hundreds of University level studies have all confirmed the numerous benefits of consistent, well guided practice of these arts. The most recent and truly definitive studies include research projects by Harvard University. These improvements range from the reduction of everyday aches and pains, to overall improvements in immune system response, breathing, biological functions, balance, neurological systems, reduced stress, increased physical strength and, of course, all the benefits one acquires from meditation. With over 40 years of experience, Walter began his study about the time of the Jimmy Carter Inauguration.