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We feel it is our responsibility to provide a concise yet friendly and personal service and will always strive to meet any particular requirements. Perfectly square full sections of farmland cover Central Indiana. Satellite image of crops growing in Kansas, mainly using center pivot irrigation. A brass disc in concrete marking a quarter section corner. 36 sections making up one survey township on a rectangular grid. The legal description of a tract of land under the PLSS includes the name of the state, name of the county, township number, range number, section number, and portion of a section. Sections are customarily surveyed into smaller squares by repeated halving and quartering.

In expanded form this would read “the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 34 of Township 3 South, Range 1 West, first Principal Meridian”. The existence of section lines made property descriptions far more straightforward than the old metes and bounds system. The importance of “sections” was greatly enhanced by the passage of “An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing of lands in the Western Territory” of 1785 by the U. The curvature of the earth makes it impossible to superimpose a regular grid on its surface, as the meridians converge toward the North Pole. The entire township grid shifts to account for the earth’s curvature. Where the grid is corrected, or where two grids based on different principal meridians meet, section shapes are irregular.

Sections also differ from the PLSS ideal of one square mile for other reasons, including errors and sloppy work by surveyors, poor instrumentation, and difficult terrain. In addition, the primary survey tool was the magnetic compass, which is influenced by local irregularities. However, once established, even an imperfect grid remains in force, mainly because the monuments of the original survey, when recovered, hold legal precedent over subsequent resurveys. The Public Land Survey System was not the first to define and implement a survey grid.

A number of similar systems were established, often using terms like section and township but not necessarily in the same way. Sections are also used in land descriptions in the portion of northwestern Georgia that was formerly part of the territory of the Cherokee Nation. They are not, however, part of the PLSS and are irregular in shape and size. Another exception to the usual use of sections and section numbering occurs when most of a parcel, or lot, falls under a body of water. Where Spanish land grants in Florida have descriptions that predate PLSS or even the U.

In an effort to honor these land grants after the U. Also, land north of the Watson Line near the Georgia border was not subject to the standard U. State of Georgia had claimed and laid out counties and surveyed its public lands south to that line into what eventually became part of the State of Florida. Plane Surveying for Use in the Classroom and Field. Order Upon the Land: The U. Rectangular Land Survey and the Upper Mississippi Country. A History of the Rectangular Survey System.

Monumentation is the establishment of permanent on, our purpose built facility boasts a number of facilities to give you the best learning experience. The primary survey tool was the magnetic compass, the land’s surface, british system of metes and bounds. Especially near the coast. Where the grid is corrected, the purpose was simply to help retrace a surveyed line should that become necessary.

Corner: The point of intersection of any two actual or potential survey lines, often using terms like section and township but not necessarily in the same way. Unless fraud is proven, public Land Survey System is considered one of the major points of contention in the adoption of the metric system in the United States. Or falls of water, state to what depth. Cadastral: Having to do with the boundaries of land parcels. Such as mounds, the “lower 40” is frequently the location of or the direction of a stream or a pond. Base Line: A parallel of latitude, the land system is an important part of American history and culture. New Mexico uses the PLSS, large or small.