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Have you ever received a PDF file that you would like to convert to a Word DOC or DOCX format? Typically this is necessary when you have PDF that you want to edit the contents of a bit, maybe a resume or a thesis, but of course the PDF could be more complex. If you’re looking to convert a PDF into DOC, DOCX, RTF, or TXT format, we’ll cover a few options to get the extraction job done in Mac OS X. First we’ll walk through how you can use Import pdf to word 2016 Docs to convert a file to Word format, then we’ll who you how you can potentially extract the text from a PDF document which you can then turn into DOC or DOCX on your own.

Next, we’ll show you a paid solution from Adobe which is a thorough and complex PDF to DOC converter tool that is best used for professional applications, and an alternative native Mac app which offers similar functionality. Keep in mind if the file in question has password protection, you’ll need to remove the PDF file password first, then start the conversion process afterwards. Option 1: Converting PDF Files to DOCX with Google Docs The web-based Google Docs has a rather impressive PDF conversion tools built in as we’ve discussed before, and it works quite well. Google Docs is legitimately good at converting PDF files into a usable DOCX format and it often preserves formatting very well. You can then open the DOCX file in Microsoft Office, or with the Apple Pages app to verify the conversion went smoothly. The primary downside to Google Docs is that it requires web access and internet access to use, otherwise it’s free and easy to try out, and it just may work for you. Paste Into a DOC in Mac OS X Would you have guessed that copying and pasting is reasonably effective at getting the text out of a PDF file and turning it into a DOC or DOCX file?

A for Select All, if you wish to attempt to copy the entire document contents. But guess what, it can work! Sometimes this works great, sometimes it does not work great, it largely depends on the PDF file you are attempting to copy and grab text from. You can then save the file as a DOC or DOCX file when finished in Pages, Microsoft Office, or your app of choice. This is obviously the least technical approach, and with such minimal effort involved it’s at least worth a shot before you attempt the other more complicate methods, or before plopping down money for an Adobe product. Web App from Adobe By far the highest quality option is a paid one from Adobe, whom created the PDF format to begin with, so it’s perhaps no surprise they have a product that allows you to convert their file format into something else.

The Adobe offering is a web app and therefore works in Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, or Linux, and can convert the PDF file into a DOC, DOCX, RTF, or even Excel XLSX files. The Adobe converter tool is probably the best solution if you have tons of PDF files to convert and need things done at the highest possible quality, but the price seems a little high just to convert a file or two from PDF to Word, so you’ll have to determine if it’s worth it or not. Unfortunately the biggest flaw to this Adobe solution is there is no trial run or testing ability, you have to pay before you can figure out if it works or not. That doesn’t sound too great for many users, which is why the next option may be more appearing to many Mac users looking to perform PDF file conversions.

In a few tests with various PDF files, this solution works very well to extract all data from a PDF and turn it into rich DOCX file formats, but, as is very common with this type of file conversion, the precise formatting of a document is often lost for complex layouts. This is far superior many of the other PDF conversion tools out there, and with fairly simple PDF documents the output is nearly perfect. PDF to Word DOC, but it does attempt to extract the text and output it as an RTF or TXT file, which you can then manually save yourself as a Word DOC or DOCX if desired. Again, this isn’t much different from Option 1 of copying and pasting PDF data into a DOC or text file yourself, but it is helpful if you are working with many documents since it automates that process.

Perhaps you have noticed by now that you can’t simply attempt to open a PDF file with a generic text editor in Mac OS X or any other OS, as it will simply open gibberish. This is why you must either extract the contents of the PDF manually, then import those into the file format of your choice, or use the conversion tools available. Did one of the above methods work for your conversion needs? Did the simple text extraction method work to grab the PDF data and turn it into a DOC? Did you go with the Adobe product offering? Let us know your experience in the comments!

Acrobat Pro costs a lot of money, thus not always an option. I did not know about the Google docs or the Automator options. Not sure if this will work with . Normally use Open Office and save as .

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If the document is created in Word open Word and then open the document. When I use pages windows users cannot read it. You need to export your Pages documents to Word, Pdf or other format Windows users can read. I had a different problem, when the PDF file contains only a jpg image of a text . So I had to look for an OCR to text on line . If you have an HP multipurpose printer, see if you have the free HP Scan Pro application. Scan the prints as a Document and save it as text.