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Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance grinding attachment for lathe machine pdf the moment. Full instructions on assembly and use. Because of the size, there is no tailstock support. I will try and cut the blanks so that they are fairly balanced, however this is not guaranteed.

The CL3 is capable of turning bowl blanks of this size so long as the wood is balanced and the spindle and bearing are adjusted correctly to eliminate play. Please see your instruction manual with regard to bearing adjustment. I need to replace the drive belt on a CL3 lathe, is it an easy enough job and do I need any specialist tools? To replace the drive belt you must first remove the phosphor bronze bearing this is done by removing the inner locking ring so the ring is loose on the shaft. Now remove the socket head cap screw and washer on the back end of the shaft, take out the first grub screw in the spindle pulley and loosen the lower grub screw, the pulley should now float freely on the shaft.

The phosphor bronze bearing can now be removed through the front of the headstock. 36 has to much play in the headstock spindle. I am finding it very difficult to turn because of the vibration. The solution is to adjust the bearings. They are designed to adjust out play as they wear in use and there is a detailed description of how to do this in the product manual. Do replacement bearings need running in?

I have just replaced all the bearings and spindle in my CL3 lathe. Is it necessary to ‘run in’ the new bearings before use, in particular the phosphor bronze bearing? If so for how long and at what speed? Yes it is advisable to run in your new replacement bronze bearing in your lathe as when originally purchased. Run in for two hours at medium speed, keep well lubricated and re-adjust the bearing when it becomes warm.

The lathe stopped during turning, and the bearing is LOCKED tight. How do I inspect it for damage? To free the bearing, first release the outer locking ring, then release the inner locking ring. Tap the end of the spindle with a rubber mallet, this will then loosen the bearing.

To remove the bearing for inspection, take off the inner locking ring completely, the bearing will then slide straight out on the key way. Look for heavy ridges on the inside of the bearing or uneven wear. If you find the bearing has these characteristics it needs replacing. When replacing the bearing first tighten the inner locking ring then tighten the outer locking ring.

To test for correct setting put the belt on the middle speed, start the lathe as soon as you press the stop button the belt needs to turn 4 revolutions – The belt not the spindle. My CL3 lathe leaks an abnormal amount of oil out of the inside of the head stock from the bronze bearing. For each drop i put in the oil well one drop will simply come out the back. I am using 30w oil so i dont believe teh viscosity of the oil is the issue.

I have tightened and adjusted the bearing as the instructions said, but it still leaks far too much. This is a common question we receive. 99 times out of 100 it is the amount of oil put in to the bearing that is the problem and causes it to leak out . You do not need to fill it up. You only require one or two drops every half hour of turning and you will always get a little oil going inside the headstock as it has to leave the bearing somewhere.

My Record Power woodturning lathe has parts missing or is broken and is in a generally poor condition needing some TLC. Can Record Power re-furbish and service this machine? Depending on the parts required it is possible for the lathe to be uplifted back to Record Power. Where necessary work and  refurbishment can be carried out by our service team. The cost will obviously vary depending on the individual condition of the lathe, please contact us for further details of this service.