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Ge water heater manual pdf the right appliances to fit your lifestyle Each of our collections has a distinct appearance and personality, so it’s never been easier to choose the suite that suits you. GE ENERGY STAR qualified appliances offer the benefits of efficiency without sacrificing features, performance, style or convenience.

When you buy a GE appliance, you’re investing in the livelihood of these hardworking Americans. Kitchen Photo Gallery Explore our kitchen photos featuring different styles in kitchen and home design. A series exploring the heart of American life. Please find the document that corresponds to your specific model number. Product Information Subject to Change Without Prior Notice. 6 2 SSUS K – 2.

To view the rated storage volume for any model, please view the product details page. Page 3: Performance Data Sheet _______________________ after the system. Refer to the system Installation and Service Manuals for set-up and programming instructions. 10 Contact your local dealer for parts and service. See your owner’s manual for warranty Tested and Certified by the WQA to information.

Page 4: How To Use This Manual, General Warnings And Safety Information The person installing this be replaced. Use only the power AC adapter that is supplied. Keep the media tank in the upright position. Do not turn upside down or drop. Turning the tank upside down will cause media to enter the valve. Page 7: System Specifications System Specifications Item Number 4001428 4001429 4001430 Recharge Style Upflow Upflow Upflow Model Number 269-869-100-1040 269-869-125-1044 269-869-150-1054 Media Tank Size 10″ x 40″ 10″ x 44″ 10″ x 54″ Resin Volume 1 ft 1.

Page 8: Location Selection, Outdoor Locations Location Selection Outdoor Locations Location of a water conditioning system is important. When the water conditioning system is installed outdoors, several items must be considered. Page 11 Typical System Layout Bath Tub Lavatory Toilet Kitchen Outside Outside Faucet Faucet Hot Water Outlet Water Heater Laundry Tubs Pump Meter Floor Drain Figure 5 Standard Basement Before Installation. Page 12: Water Line Connections To Assemble the Media Tank: 1. Stand the tank up and in position. When parts are removed from the packing, 2. If the floor under the media tank is uneven, level as they should be inspected for damage.

Page 13: Installation Instructions WARNING: Do not use petroleum grease on gaskets when connecting bypass plumbing. Non-silicone grease may cause plastic components to fail over time. Page 14: Drain Line Connection, Regenerant Line Connections Drain Line Connection Regenerant Line Connections The regenerant line from the tank connects to the valve. Note: Standard commercial practices are expressed Make the connections and hand tighten. Local codes may require changes to the following regenerant line is secure and free from air leaks. Page 15: Overflow Line Connection, Electrical Connection The controllers are designed to be mounted on the valve or Drain attached to a flat surface.