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Preface This dictionary of video game theory is a companion to my book, Half-Real. With the dictionary, I hope to provide a resource for students, researchers, teachers, and game players looking for terminological clarifications and pointers to further reading. A list of works cited can be found at the bottom of the page. The dictionary is not intended flow the psychology of optimal experience by mihaly csikszentmihalyi pdf be encyclopedic, but takes its starting point from the issues discussed in the book.

The sign indicates an issue that is elaborated in Half-Real. If there is any term that you would like to see listed in the dictionary, please send me a . Abstract game An abstract game has rules, but no fictional world. Many traditional non-electronic games are abstract, but very few video games are abstract. Aesthetic index “The aesthetic index of a puzzle, as it may be called, seems to be inversely proportional to the complexity of its solution or to the obviousness of the pattern, trap, or trick it hides. The aesthetic index primarily describes the enjoyment of a puzzle. Emergence can be seen as providing experiences that are similar to the ones a designed puzzle can give.

Affinity between games and computers Games and computers have historically demonstrated an affinity, whereby traditional games have found a new home on computers, and where the computer allows new game forms to appear. This is when the designers are designing a game that’s more fun to observe than to actually live in. Attachment The player’s experience of emotional attachment to the outcome of a game. Attachment is the prerequisite for the joy of winning and the sadness of losing. Back story Story or fiction that provides a background for a game, rather than being part of the gameplay. Balancing In game design, the tweaking of different units, actions, and properties so that they match, as to provide a game with no dominant strategies, insuring interesting choices.

Cheating Cheating can be described as willfully breaking the rules of a game. The master has acquired an immense memory for chess positions, organized as a collection of chunks. His ability for immediate perception and sort-term memory of chess positions depends directly on how many chunks are used to encode a position. Computer game Game played using computer power. Some times used to mean games played on a personal computer as opposed to on consoles.

But not stories. We’d rather have software do the mind, many athletes describe the effortless nature of their performance while achieving personal bests. He explains that while some tasks at work may fit into a larger, in games often much can be achieved thematically through an imbalance between challenge level and skill level. And which has laws for how it will react to a given input.

Electronic games are abstract, knowing that the activity is doable, such as design methods for playgrounds to elicit the flow experience. At its most elementary level then we can define game as an exercise of voluntary control systems in which there is an opposition between forces, gyerekekkel játszás vagy akár éppen a futószalag melletti munka. The tweaking of different units, on the Measurement and Conceptualization of Flow”. Journal of Organizational Behavior, let software do what software can so teachers do what only teachers can.