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The books shown are specially selected to provide vital reference materials for wargamers. Many of the medieval first break all the rules ebook pdf download are published by Freezywater who have been publishing specialist books on the late medieval period for over fifteen years. The rules section offers a selection of fast play wargames rules to complement the figure ranges in stock. The games section offers a series of card and boardgames.

Conflict at the World’s End – fast play Renaissance for small actions. Plunder – Italian Wars campaign rules. Conflict at the World’s End v 2. The pdfs are optimized for screen reading and can be printed equally well on either A4 or US letter paper.

Free sample pages and army lists. If you would like to buy the previous version it’s still available as are the free sample pages and army lists. Please note: orders for printed copies and chance cards are not handled by Vexillia. Plunder is a set of card driven campaign rules for the Italian Wars and comprises a set of five high quality pdfs. Plunder is available in both A4 and US letter sizes so ensure you select the right paper size.

Hobilar Archive – 50 issues on CD. Wars of the Roses Source Books – two volume set. Livery Colours of the Wars of the Roses. Heraldic Banners of the Wars of the Roses.

The Barons’ War – 1264 to 1267. The Burgundian Army of Charles the Bold. The Samogitians and Sword Brothers – Battle of Saule 1260. Friedrich the Victorious 1425-1476 – Count Palatine on the Rhine. First published in August 1991, Hobilar features articles on medieval warfare from the early 11th century to the early sixteenth century, as well as many flags and banners of the period. To preserve the wealth of information and detail presented in Hobilar over the years the issues have been scanned, lovingly restored, and converted to pdf format. Vexillia is handling all general sales and society discounts do not apply to this item.

Both volumes are A5 and perfect bound. 00 for the two volume set. Detailed orders of battle and maps. Vol 1 and Vol 2 free samples. Convert Poleaxed lists to DBM and Vis Bellica. 37 badges with black and white illustrations. Covers both the major and the minor players.

00 for the three volume set. 127 pages of biographies and heraldry. 2 full colour pages with 12 banners. 1 campaign and 2 battle maps. 4 full colour pages depicting 80 arms. 68 pages plus 8 colour pages, A5, full colour card cover. 8 colour pages with 36 flags and pennons.

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