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The economy recovered in 2016 to 2. Growth prospects remain favourable but crucially depend on continued rebound in the global economic analysis for business notes pdf market, improved reliability in electricity and water supply, as well as reforms. Reducing vulnerability to adverse shocks will require accelerating the pace of reforms aimed at enhancing competitiveness and improving the business climate to promote industrialisation and entrepreneurship.

Botswana has experienced boom-bust cycles, two of which have occurred since the turn of this century. The economy recovered in 2016, after it suffered another setback when economic growth contracted in 2015 because of weak demand for diamond exports and persistent electricity and water supply shortages. Domestic growth was boosted in 2016 by both the expansion of mining activity, reflecting the recovery in diamond industry, and a sound performance of nonmining sectors. Botswana’s growth prospects for the medium term remain favourable. Medium-term growth is forecast to rise moderately.

The government remains committed to returning the budget to surplus in the near term. Key factors that have helped to drive down inflation include the drop in international fuel prices and the government’s commitment to prudent monetary policy. Inflation is expected to remain within the target range in the medium term, owing to low domestic demand and subdued foreign price developments. To achieve economic diversification, Botswana needs to promote industrialisation by accelerating economic transformation from the primary sector to advanced manufacturing and services. Over the past four decades, the government has put in place appropriate policies and initiatives in support of industrial development and entrepreneurship.

Economic Survey 2018: Will you be appearing for Banking, Insurance and other Government Job Examinations in 2018? Then to score in General Awareness section it is very important for you to get updates on The Economic Survey and the Union Budget. The budget session will kick off today with the tabling of the Economic Survey of India in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The Economic Survey, an annual publication of the Finance Ministry, is presented in both houses of Parliament during the Budget Session. It is a review of the developments in the country’s economy over the previous one year. It presents a summary of the performance of the government’s major development programmes undertaken during that period. It also details the main policy initiatives of the government.

We will be covering The Economic Survey from Examination’s Point of View to help you remember all the important points in a simple and easy manner. Just watch this space for all the updates! FM Jaitley tables Economic Survey in Parliament. Economic Survey sees FY19 GDP growing 7-7. Due to higher expected increase in imports, net exports of goods and services are slated to decline in 2017-18.

Exports beggest source of boost to growth. Average FY18 CPI inflation seen at 3. Agriculture, industry and services sectors are expected to grow at the rate of 2. It points out that the GDP growth has averaged 7. 2014-15 to 2017-18, which is the highest among the major economies of the world.

Demonetisation helped share of financial saving to rise. The ratio of domestic saving to GDP reached 29. 2 percent in 2013 to a peak of 38. 3 percent in 2007, before falling back to 29 percent in 2016. Sanitation coverage in rural India increased substantially from 39 percent in 2014 to 76 percent in January 2018. October 2, 2014, the sanitation coverage in rural India increased substantially. India is gradually improving its performance in Science and Technology.

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