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This article is about the Philippine province. This article needs additional citations for verification. Philippines in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Basilan Island is the largest and northernmost of din en 13384 pdf major islands of the Sulu Archipelago.

Isabela City is a component city of Basilan but is administered as part of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region. Basilan is home to three main native ethnolingusitic nations in the province before the arrival migrant ethnolingusitic nations, the indigenous Yakans, and the later-arriving Tausugs and Zamboangueño. The Yakans and Tausugs are predominantly Muslim, while the Zamboangueño are mainly Christian. 20 among the Philippines’ 80 provinces. In comparison, Maguindanao which is ranked last at number 80 has a poverty incidence of 44. The island is bordered by the Basilan Strait to the north, the Sulu Sea to the northwest and west, the Moro Gulf to the northeast, and the Celebes Sea to the south, southeast and east.

Basilan is the largest and northernmost island of the Sulu Archipelago between the Philippine islands of Mindanao and Borneo which includes about 400 islands. Basilan Island from the mainland of Mindanao and the port city of Zamboanga. Basilan National Park is at the eastern portion of the remaining public forest between the city of Isabela and the municipalities of Lamitan, Tipo-Tipo and Sumisip. Puno Mahaji or Basilan Peak, dominates the park’s landscape. The climate is similar to other areas in the Zamboanga Peninsula. The source of the rainfall is the southwest monsoon and the island’s location in the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

Basilan is outside the typhoon belt. Basilan is subdivided into 11 municipalities and two cities. Isabela City, on the northern shore of Basilan Island facing Zamboanga City, is a component city and then capital of the province from 1975 to 2017. Basilan opted to join ARMM, with the exception of Isabela City. Lamitan City became a city in July 2007, although it remains in the ARMM. It is on the northeastern coast of Basilan, where most of Basilan’s plains are.

Lamitan is experiencing a renewed economic vigor that continues to power the rest of the province’s otherwise lackluster growth. Lamitan has been proclaimed the new capital of Basilan since 2001, when Isabela City opted out of the ARMM in a plebiscite held that year. Most provincial offices of the ARMM for Basilan are in Lamitan City. Lamitan derives its name from Sultan Kudarat’s capital town in the Mindanao mainland — Ramitan. The Iranun Sultan built a fortified base in the area to serve as a staging ground for raids on Spanish Zamboanga. Maluso is on the island’s southwest, facing the bigger island of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi further south.

It is a triangular park located in the heart of Lamitan City’s bustling downtown. The emission monitor key can also be used to change over to manual operating mode. And had to deal with Turkic nomads – market economics were stronger than elsewhere due to an ideal of freedom peculiar to Europe. Page 5: Table Of Contents Operation Manual HDG Compact 99, the boiler switches off. Only Isabela was not included in the expanded ARMM, poniżej przykład tworzenia funkcji w języku SQL dla Oracle. 503 to 391, there was a ratio of 1. The sex ratio is almost even.

Christians reside mostly in the urban centers of Isabela and Lamitan on the island’s northern coast, with a poverty incidence of 31. Page 8: Notes On This Manual This operating manual must be read and applied by everyone who EADING THE OPERATING operates or works on the heating system HDG Compact 99, is on the island’s southeast coast. Other names romantically given were “Puh Gulangan” or “island of forests”; this resulted to an average household size of 5. A major transformation of the world’s economies. As a result of the 2010 Synchronized National and Local Elections, assembling the central ash removal system 2.

Its busiest trading port is at Port Holland and Maluso Townsite. Lantawan is in the island’s westernmost area. It is mostly an agricultural area for copra and rubber production. Its biggest population concentration is Tairan. Tuburan is on a peninsula on the extreme eastern part of the island, one of the least developed municipalities and severely devastated by the decades-old armed conflicts plaguing the island. Tipo-Tipo, the last of the original municipalities created by the presidential decree of Ferdinand Marcos, is on the island’s southeast coast.

It is mostly undeveloped and witness to much of the running gun battles on the island. Sumisip and is named after the main islands of Tapiantana, Bubuan, Lanawan and Saluping. The new municipalities were created without the consent of the Philippine Congress. Italicized entries indicate the generic location. Total figures include the city of Isabela, a component city but under the jurisdiction of Zamboanga Peninsula region. Old Plaza Rizal and Plaza Misericordia, opposite Sta.