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MLAs control of delegated legislation pdf the law only in a broad skeletal form. When parliament confers the law making power to the executive.

For example, legislature enacts a law regarding the registration of Motor Vehicles. Bring proof of residence, Passport size photos etc. Advantages of Delegated Legislation Delegated Legislation is universally recognized and is both desirable and legitimate. In such situation, delegated legislation is inevitable.

They’re not representatives of physics, chemistry, economics or medical science. SLA does not possess the expertise to decide whether thalidomide or lomotil should be administered to expecting mothers, or what type of powers should be given to an investigating officer dealing with IT security. So it is better to allow bureaucracy to fill out those details in a law. SLA makes law in a broad skeletal form. Delegated legislation can be rapidly adjusted to meet the local requirements. Delegated legislation helps during unforeseen crisis e. In the light of experience, you can change it immediately.

Government, then only Government can make reference to TRAI. Meaning company cannot directly approach TRAI in case of telecom related dispute. Administrators don’t consult common people even while making laws that affect their lives. Delegated legislation will decrease the control of legislature over executives. The constitution entrusts the duty of law making to the parliament and the various state legislatures. They cannot betray the trust and transfer this duty to some other authority.

In the name of technical law making by executive sometimes even basic or those that can be made by the legislature. The executive is unconnected with the people and thus they would not take into account a lot of substantive interests of people. They’re more  focused on technicalities of implementation or whatever serves their interest. I act, the bureaucracy must give information within 30 days. I law making was delegated to them, they’d have given deadline of 90 days instead of 30 days!

Parliament does not have adequate facilities to scrutinize every piece and section of delegated legislation. The parliamentary committee  on subordinate legislation is not a  Committee of technical experts. Similarly there is one Committee on Subordinate legislation. It carries out detailed scrutiny of all the rules framed by the executives through delegated legislation. The committee then submits its report to the speaker of the Lok. A copy also tabled in Rajya Sabha. SLA can always over ride it.

Delegated legislation is meant to save the time of legislators without undermining their responsibility . When executive confers the law making power to the parliament. When parliament confers law making power to state legislative assemblies. Which among the following Committees of parliament, is responsible for scrutinizing delegated legislation?

What is the purpose of Art 50 in the Constitution of India? Separation of legislature from the executive. Separation of law making power from law executing power. Separation of delegated legislation from enabling legislation. Which among the following arguments favors delegated legislation? Legislators have sufficient time and expertise to enact every law in full detail. 3rd majority of all members of both the houses.

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