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The theme of the season is about Clark finally contacts ninth edition pdf his alien heritage, while also being his darkest hour thus far. As a result, Clark’s relationships with Chloe and Oliver suffered this season. With the loss of two series regulars, producers had to look for a new primary villain for season nine. Original depictions list the character as “General Zod”.

The season premiere brought in 2. 58 million viewers and outperformed any other show in the Friday 8:00 pm timeslot in over a year. DVD as a single episode. 129 out of the 140 broadcast primetime shows. Lois returns from the future with no memory of the three weeks she is missing. Meanwhile, Clark has been training with Jor-El, while also branding his family crest around Metropolis after saving someone.

After saving Lois, Clark’s feelings for her cause a disruption in his training and he realizes that the only way to finish is if he tells Lois goodbye. Released from the black orb, Major Zod’s soldiers initially turn on him when he fails to provide answers as to why none of them have the true powers of a Kryptonian like they should. Eventually, Zod regains their trust. Lois in the hope of finding Clark and killing him. In the battle the assassin is accidentally killed when she impales herself but not before revealing that Clark will cause the destruction of Earth. Just as she is falling asleep, Lois has sporadic visions of future events. When he wakes up, John discovers that his body has been outfitted with robotic parts, and his heart replaced with a piece of kryptonite that acts as a power source for his body.

Green Arrow interrupts the trap, clark is unknowingly exposed to a new form of kryptonite that gives him the power of hypnosis. El has been constructed for the premiere to explain why Clark has not learned to fly. Who helps convince Hawkman, with his new abilities, clark accidentally hypnotizes himself into seeking revenge and he goes after Tess. 49 Rating Increases To A 1.

Tess later discovers that Zod and his men were the ones who “helped” John, but only as a means to test a new way for them to get their powers. While helping the Blur, Lois is kidnapped by John as a means of drawing the Blur out. Clark arrives and fuses a lead plate to John’s chest with his heat vision to protect himself from the kryptonite. When John pulls the plate off it removes the kryptonite and shuts down John’s vitals. Clark and Chloe realize that Tess is after Lois’s memories, so it is decided that Clark must return to society so that he can keep Tess from learning that he will be the cause of Earth’s destruction. After Tess is admitted to the hospital showing zombie-like symptoms, Clark has Dr.

In a battle with multiple zombie attackers, Lois is bitten. Clark then volunteers his blood to Dr. Hamilton, who discovers that the virus was created from Kryptonian enzymes, so the doctor can create a cure. Hamilton manufactures a rainstorm and seeds the clouds with the cure to create maximum coverage. It is revealed that the virus was used as a ploy to draw out the Blur, as one of Zod’s men realizes that he was also Kryptonian. Based on the House of El symbol the Blur brands around town, Zod believes that Jor-El is on Earth, and has harnessed the power from the yellow Sun for himself. Oliver decides to burn his Green Arrow outfit, and give up trying to be a superhero.

Jor-El gives Clark the ability to hear others’ thoughts in an effort to teach Clark to hone his Kryptonian intuition and learn to not allow humanistic assumptions inhibit his destiny. While using this new ability to determine who blew up a Queen Industries textile factory, Clark also learns more about Lois’s feelings for him and asks her out on a date. Jor-El takes back the new ability, forcing Clark to use the instincts he has gained. At a company gala, Toyman informs Oliver that there is a bomb directly under the podium, and that he will kill everyone if Oliver does not confess to killing Lex. Clark locates the real bomb before Oliver can take his own life with it to pay for the sins he feels he committed. Toyman is caught, and Tess gives him John Corben’s kryptonite-powered heart so he can tell her how it works.

Afterward, Oliver passes out and wakes up trapped inside a coffin. After breaking out, Oliver finds himself in the middle of someone else’s deadly game designed to make him pay for destroying someone. Oliver finds Roulette in the casino, but the two go on the run when the people behind the game show up. While escaping, Victoria is shot and killed and Oliver is arrested. 3 billion he had in his bank account. In reality, Chloe orchestrated the entire event to get Oliver to realize that he is still the hero he once was.