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My Angie bunny patterns collection is growing to be quite a nice presentative connecting dots book pdf. I have few of the clothing patterns on my shop and few as a free pattern here on my blog.

Together they all became quite a nice varied and colourful collection. There are few more clothing ideas in my busy head that I plan to write down, somewhere in the future and I hope it’ll be somewhere really soon. I originally crocheted the Angie’s baby bunny overall as my youngest sun had complained I only make Angie girls. He wanted to have a baby boy for his own. He wanted a little baby bunny to hug.

This guy is a little miniatures collector. It was quite a long time ago, and he was not feeling very well so we spent the day together, laying on the sofa and chatting a little bunnies chat, untill he fell asleep. I wanted to create a little detail on it. Well, it’s not that easy to create a detail on such a small work so I tried few different options and finally came out with the 3 dots on the front. It is actually quite an easy speedy kind of work, still a miniature work but very easy to make.

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I’ve been asked many times for the pattern for this 3 dots baby overall. I planed to share it here as a FREE pattern for quite a while and finally found the time to write a step-by-step pattern for you in my home alone morning hours. Gosh I love being here at my desk for pattern writing. It’s a speedy and very lovely kind of work. Before we start with the pattern, here is some important information you should know. On todays pattern I’m using colours included on the Angie kit so if you already have one, just take out the Lilac and a little piece of the Fuchsia yarn.

TO START Ch 10 and sl st to the first ch to form a ring. DO NOT work on the yarn tails. We will weave it in later. Make the second leg now, same as the first one. When you finish rnd 6, DO NOT cut the yarn. We will continue working with it.