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This article talks about 5 best PDF readers for Windows 10. There’s no shortage of PDF reader software out there, with each offering a whole bunch of features. Consequently, choosing the one to use with your Windows 10 system can be a little hard to decide. But not to worry, as that’s best pdf reader for windows this article is all about.

PDF files, ranging from the basic textual ones to those that are graphically intensive. In addition to that, some of them also offer extra features such as PDF annotation tools, form filling capabilities, bookmark navigation, and much more. So without further ado, let’s find out more about 5 best PDF readers for Windows 10. It’s only fitting to start off the list with Adobe Reader, as it come straight from the developers of the PDF format, Adobe Systems. One of the most widely known software applications out there, Adobe Reader is a perfect PDF reader for Windows 10.

It is perfectly compatible with any and all kinds of PDF files, and can effortlessly handle even the largest and heaviest of PDF documents without breaking a sweat. Plain and simple, Foxit Reader is one of the most gorgeous looking PDF reader application that you’ll ever find. Having a full-fledged Ribbon UI and Office inspired menus, Foxit Reader feels right at home with the shiny new Windows version and thus, can be a perfect PDF reader for Windows 10. But don’t just go with it for the looks. Foxit Reader is one of the most feature loaded PDF readers out there, and has more goodies than you’ll probably use. Although not as good looking as Foxit, Nitro Reader is a pretty well designed PDF reader application that offers a lot of goodness for the low price of free. It’s extremely easy to use, thanks to the always awesome and functional Ribbon interface.

You can view all kinds of light and heavy PDF files, and choose how they are displayed. The application can automatically detect bookmarks and displays them in a sidebar for better navigation. All of the PDF reader applications discussed so far are extremely feature rich, and include a multitude of extra goodies in addition to the standard PDF viewing functionality. While that’s certainly not a bad thing, all these additional features can often get overwhelming.