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Psalm91: The Beginnings of No Andrew murray intercessory prayer pdf Too Great! You look for a Safe Harbor in which to drop anchor. You look for Someone who can pull you through.

People who have lived a Scripture-soaked life automatically pick up Psalm 91 for this kind of strength and encouragement. What are they getting from Psalm 91? Is this passage of Scripture some magical incantation or spiritual elixir to wash away trouble? You do this, then God does that. You move by faith, then God moves by power.

You trust God, then God proves you right and adds some bonuses. This is a faith story of cause and effect. It is a telling of the unbelievable rewards that God offers when you sow a mustard seed of faith. So what is this mustard seed of faith? And stay there with the Lord of Power and Glory! Deliver you from a place of stress into a place of fulfillment. Do you know that Psalm 91 is not just about protection?

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