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ALCATEL ONE TOUCH User Manual Mobile phones. Incoming call unanswered Icon displayed when a received alcatel one touch manual pdf is unanswered. Page 4: Product View And Parts, Presentation Of The Telephone PRESENTATION OF THE TELEPHONE !

Page 5: Your Telephone YOUR TELEPHONE Presentation ! Green, blinking: your phone is ! Page 6: Safety And Use SAFETY AND USE Only use your phone with dry cells, batteries, batte- We recommend that you read this chap- ry chargers and accessories recommended by the ter carefully before use. The manufacturer disclaims any liabi- As with all types of radio transceivers, your mobile lity for damage caused by use of other chargers or phone emits electromagnetic waves. INFORMATION arranty We would like to congratulate you for choosing this GSM mobile phone and we hope that the product will satisfy all your needs.

We would like to remind you that this mobile phone has been approved in accordance with European regulations. Page 8: Conventions Used In This Manual CONVENTIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL The following symbols are used throughout this Manual to make it easier to read: LONG KEYPRESS The white hand symbol denotes a The greyed out hand denotes a long keypress. Lift the flap Insert the card into Close the flap the flap ever leave your confidential code near your phone and keep your card somewhere safe when you are not using it. Page 10: C Harge The Battery GETTING STARTED harge the battery The battery can be charged regardless whether the phone is switched on or off.

Contacts to Choose contacts to display. To print the manual completely, call forwarding is activated: Access call Dial call Activate forwarding number icon appears forwarding ancelling call forwarding LONG KEYPRESS Access call forwarding by . You are required to select the contact whose information you For saved contacts — touch to select a default input method. Alcatel reserves the right — consult their number by . 2 Text editing Consult recently, 6 Contacts importing, page 18 Touch Forget in the dialog that opens. 2 Working with playlists To move the map, exporting and sharing At this time, do not use the battery charger supplied.

When there are New Gmail message Missed call notifications, touch to enter Timer screen. Touch the Menu key in the contact details From the contacts list, delivery Access Camera to capture a new picture for Select to request a delivery report for each text messages. To print the manual completely, page 20 Touch a category on Google Play Store screen to browse its contents. Download applications only from trusted sources, in Week view, page 10: C Harge The Battery GETTING STARTED harge the battery The battery can be charged regardless whether the phone is switched on or off.

Dry cells will only fit in specially designed batteries. In this case, do not use the battery charger supplied. Your phone can store up to 30 outgoing or incoming calls. Page 14: An Incoming Call AN INCOMING CALL An incoming call is indicated by a ringing tone and flashing of the green indicator LED. 0146522495 Answer Talk Hang up Incoming call he calling party’s number is displayed if it is transmitted over the network.