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Chemring Countermeasures is the sole UK based manufacturer of advanced expendable countermeasures for air and sea platforms. Adobe pdf page counter Countermeasures is part of the Chemring Group plc. We deliver high reliability solutions to protect people, platforms, missions and information against constantly changing threats.

Our aircraft products include conventional and advanced flares, chaff, and decoys specifically for civilian platforms. Our naval products include infra-red and radio frequency decoys and a trainable naval decoy launcher. Chemring Countermeasures designs and manufactures infra-red and radio frequency countermeasures, designed to protect air and naval platforms from missile attack. We have also developed the CENTURION 130mm trainable naval launcher. For further information, please contact us. Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames. The Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, adobe pdf format.

The Shri Anjaneya Dhadakan in Telugu, adobe pdf format. This was contirbuted by Vennam Raghu. Please note, I do not know telugu, but it was recommended that there be a cross reference be built for this site in Telugu, thus the start of the Telugu project. Fom Jan 1st 2007 – Jan 1st 2008 the counter was 27503. Since February 6th, 2006 until Dec 31, 2006, the counter was 6693. All other work is devoted on volunteering bases. Please note based on the above regulation, Vennam Raghu provided me the Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, and this web page, subdomain was created.

I would personally like to congratulate Vennam for his excellent effort and completed work. So many people have offered suggestions, others have volunteered, yet very few have followed through on it. In that list of the few is the name of Vennam Raghu. It took me 4 hours to create and update the website with the new page and links. Comparison and Flow Control Instructions .

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