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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. This article follows on from my 2wb smoke detector pdf posts on Energy Performance Certificates and gas certificates.

Today we look at section 3 of the regulations here. I should perhaps start by apologising for the fact that this post may either make you feel as if you want to gnaw your own arm off or alternatively may make your eyes glaze over, permanently. I know, I felt a bit like that when writing it. But the legislation is like that. So in future we are going to have to spell out which prescribed information we are talking about. Department for Communities and Local Government, that has effect for the time being. Others have criticised this requirement, saying that the booklet is really aimed at people looking for accommodation rather than those who have already found it and are about to sign the tenancy agreement.

I think it has a lot of helpful information which tenants need to know about their rights, at all stages of their tenancy. For example, many tenants will be wholly ignorant of the tenancy deposit protection rules and the need for gas safety certificates, and it is right and proper that they should be given some information about it. Sometimes Government comes up with a good idea. I think this is one of them. But there are major problems in the practical implementation of this requirement.

Nearly Legal have indicated that thy may be keeping copies  of all versions for people to check. Certainly SOMEONE will have to do this, as this will no doubt become a popular defence for tenants being evicted under section 21. But it should not be left to a blog run by volunteers to do this. It is interesting that service via email is permitted, if the tenant has agreed email can be used for service of documents.